Why Choose Changsheng as Online Wire Shelf Supplier?

Changsheng has been in producing wire shelf for more than 25 years.We do have many kinds of wire shelf such as dish racks,kitchen racks, kitchen trolley, home storage racks, garment racks ,commercial wire shelving and so on.Why Changsheng is your best choice for online wire shelf supplier?

1.From factory points, you can refer to the following picture

2.We have 12 years experience on providing home storage wire shelf to E-commercial customers.We have cooperated with many famous online customers, please refer to the following picture

3.We have strict control on wire shelf quality, please refer to the following

4.We pay high attention on wire shelf packing, as we know packing is very important for online sales,for each packing, we 100% guarantee that it can pass the drop test.

In 2020 year, 60% of our orders coming from online customers.and the most popular items are 3 tiers wire shelf, 5 tiers wire shelf,4 tiers wire shelf, garment racks and kitchen wire shelf.Last we would like to share with you hot sales online wire shelf

We are a reputable shelf supplier in China, with factory direct sales prices and low MOQ. Please contact us now.

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