Why are anti-static wire shelves suitable for electronics factories?

Why is it said that the anti-static chrome-plated wire shelf is a shelf suitable for electronics factories?

First, let me talk about the important reasons for the anti-static of the electronics factory:

  1. Electrostatic adsorption of dust changes the impedance between circuits and affects the function and life of electronic component products.
  2. The electric field or current damages the insulation or conductor of the electronic components, so that the electronic components cannot be operated (completely damaged).
  3. Due to the instantaneous electric field or the heat generated by the current, the electronic components are injured, and the operation can still be performed, but the use time is shortened.

Electronic manufacturers do products related to electronics, generally producing mobile phone accessories, computer accessories, electrical accessories and so on.

From the production of an electronic component to its damage, all processes are under the threat of static electricity, and the onset of these static electricity is also random.

Because the occurrence and discharge of static electricity occur in an instant, it is difficult to guess and protect. Therefore, the shelf of the electronics factory is the best with anti-static.

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