Which Commercial Restaurant Shelving Materials Suits You?

Restaurant Shelving

A commercial kitchen cannot function properly without the best equipment. Top quality tables and shelving are the backbone of any industrious restaurant kitchen. With space challenges that many restaurants are continuously facing, there is an increase in search of a better storage system.

An ideal restaurant storage system should help meet various needs. From utilizing floor space, to providing more storage space, enhancing better organisation, and making it more efficient and safe to use.

Commercial restaurant shelving plays a significant role in the running of a restaurant. It gets busy to the point that the current storage area becomes outgrown with excess products on the shelves. That is why restaurants are always looking for sturdy, well-built storage containment systems that keep everything flowing smoothly. As operators, there’s never much importance to put on food safety. In fact, the success of a restaurant is determined by how they handle food and how organised they are.

Restaurants without proper commercial restaurant shelving systems always get complaints from the staff about the walk-in on a daily basis. For instance, if a restaurant has weekly catering, there may be many speed racks which come in the way. This hinders operations and encourages work flow delay which is bad for business.
A lot of extra time is wasted when one has to move containers back and forth just to get to one little item on the racks. Labelling also becomes an issue especially when all the shelving units can’t be moved with all the bottom racks being broken and rusted. Here are 3 commercial restaurant shelving solutions one should look into:



1. Metal Restaurant Shelving

Metal restaurant shelving is one of the strongest, efficient and well-built types of commercial restaurant shelving one can find. Its versatility comes in many customized designs where one can adjust the height and length that suits their restaurant’s arrangement.

Metal restaurant shelving is space efficient as one can store items upwards and sideways at different levels. Being easy to assemble, it does not accrue extra labour cost when it comes to assembling or modification. With single-rivet and double-rivet combinations, metal restaurant shelving systems can uphold large weight combinations.

The aspect of durability makes metal restaurant shelving appropriate when it comes to areas prone to corrosion and oxidation. To make them visually pleasing, they can be galvanized and resist corrosion due to the coat of zinc. Moreover, metal restaurant shelving provides an open assembly that fosters easy product visualisation.

Metal restaurant shelving is more affordable with great quality and finish that can accommodate more capacity to meet one’s needs.


2. Steel Restaurant Shelving

Steel restaurant shelving has a lot to offer for restaurant owners looking to make the kitchen more productive. First and foremost, the visibility of items that steel restaurant shelving offers makes work easier. Compared to other solutions such as having bins, one is able to trace and retrieve items right off the rack without hesitation.

Storing items in bins makes work difficult since visibility is low and the items might get mixed and lost. Steel restaurant shelving essentially offers better visibility. This makes it convenient to view items on eye level compared to viewing an item laid out on the floor.

Steel restaurant shelves enable one to store larger items which may damage boxes or bins easily. It maximizes storage space to accommodate larger items which may be costly to replace in the long-run. It would be a bad idea storing delicate items anywhere else on the floor or mixing and disorganizing the items. There’s a definite possibility of them getting damaged over time. Hence, steel restaurant shelving provides the reassurance of safety when it comes to storing any delicate items.

The best thing about steel restaurant shelving is its resistant ability. They usually come with a powder coating that protects them from rust and scratches. It makes the investment an excellent and worthy choice since the steel will not deteriorate as other racking materials do.


3. Chrome Restaurant Shelving

Chrome restaurant shelving is specifically made to enhance ventilation and visibility. Humid areas are prone to rust and this makes them ideal for storage. The chrome plating over the steel wire tends to hold up well over time. The chromium is made into a coating mixture through a process known as electroplating. It makes a fine layer that is durable and sturdier than plastic and wood shelving.

Depending on how much space one has at hand, chrome restaurant shelving makes the best out of it. It creates a stylish display with its sleek and modern appearance. For modern restaurants with an open, minimalistic design, it makes the premises look presentable which ends up attracting more customers. With chrome restaurant shelving, owners can arrange lots of items on each shelf and still make it look attractive at first glance.

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