1. What types of garment shelf are there?
1), DIY Style
This garment rack comes in a variety of materials, and the metal material is the most durable. It can be DIY assembled according to your own needs. This closet storage rack can store various types of clothes, and can also adjust the height to meet different heights. It is very convenient for people to use

2), open Style
Most of these open metal garment shelf do not have cloth covers and are widely used for entry doors. Suitable for hanging bags, keys, coats, hats, scarves, etc., with shelves, also suitable for shoes.

3), Wall Mounted Style
This kind of clothing rack is hung on the wall. You can choose to open and put it down according to the actual use needs. Usually, it is attached to the wall when it is put down and does not take up space. Short is suitable for hotels, dormitories, hospital wards, family rooms, etc. The long ones are suitable for outdoor, such as villas or houses with yards.

4), Floor-standing Style
This garment closet rack is placed on the ground, so we call it a floor drying rack. It is very light, so it is very convenient and fast to use. The common styles of floor-mounted drying racks include adjustable feet and wheels, horizontal bars and parallel bars, which are suitable for different spaces such as bedrooms and balconies.

2. How to Choose A Garment Storage Rack
1), look at the material:
There are plastic and metal materials. For plastics, you need to pay attention to whether it is safe and non-toxic, and also pay attention to whether the surface is shiny and round, whether there are burrs in the corners, and whether the flexibility and torsion are not broken. If the surface is rough and hard, the burrs are easy to scratch the hand, the twist is easy to break, and the broken part is grayish white, it is an inferior waste material. Such clothing rack contain many harmful materials, which are harmful to the human body for long-term use. It is recommended to choose metal hangers, which will not have harmful effects on the human body, are more durable than plastic materials, have a longer service life, and are easy to disassemble and clean.

2), look at the bearing capacity:
When there are many clothes, the bearing capacity of the clothes hanger rack is very important. The metal clothing rack has the strongest bearing capacity, which can not only store clothes, but also heavy items such as quilts and boxes.

3), see the workmanship:
A good wardrobe rack has no burrs, no scratches, and beautiful appearance

4), see the storage function
The storage function of the garment hanger rack should be very powerful. It can not only store all kinds of clothes, but also has the function of classification storage.

To sum up, it is recommended to choose metal material for garment racks. We are a manufacturer with 22 years of production experience, specializing in supplying various styles of clothes racks, welcome to consult

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