What is the Best Material for Restaurant Kitchen Shelving

The kitchen shelving is an indispensable thing in the restaurant. There are a lot of things in the kitchen. It is necessary to find a suitable place for it and store the things in the kitchen. At this time, the kitchen shelf is a good helper , With the kitchen shelving, not only the storage space of the kitchen is improved, but also the work efficiency is improved. Therefore, we have sorted out the restaurant shelving of several common materials on the market, and you can choose the appropriate and cost-effective restaurant shelving according to your needs.

  1. Stainless steel board: the surface of stainless steel is smooth, easy to clean and not easy to breed bacteria, suitable for kitchen food processing, but the price is relatively expensive, the cost is high for kitchen shelves
  2. Plastic mat shelving: One of the biggest benefits of heavy-duty plastic mat shelving is that it is as strong as most metal shelves typically at significantly lower weights. Most plastic mat shelves have weight capacities comparable to those of metal shelves of similar size, with some units capable of holding as much as 500lbs per shelf. More suitable for storing kitchen utensils, and the price is more affordable.
  3. carbon steel material:  There are many forms of carbon steel shelves, the most recommended or the form of wire shelving, wire shelving is made of steel posts and sturdy, the height of each shelf can be adjustable, High load-bearing, wide range of uses, can store food, seasoning, vegetables and fruits, kitchen utensils and plates, etc. Very cost-effective, Not only is wire shelving going to last a long time, but it will provide plenty of ventilation, too.

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