What are the Most Hottest Wire Shelving Unit in 2022

We are the wire shelving experts for 22 years,export country over 70, 80% for USA,EU and Japan market. We offer both home and commercial wire shelving,40% for commercial wire shelving,60% for home shelving,50% our home shelving are supplied for E-commerce business.

Per our sales experience,we’d like to share following hottest wire shelving unit,popular shelf size and surface finish for you,if there are any you are interest,please tell us your order quantity and packing requirement,we will prepare our best quotation for your evaluate.

Hot sale home storage wire shelving

Household metal wire shelving unit is easy to assemble not tool requird. It is saved your space . Your house is looked neat. You can also use it as a pantry shelving ,garage shelving store tool, beef sticks and other man time snacks and so on.
wire shelving packing
https://wellandshelves.com and www.cs-cj.com / are our company website,welcome you to visit to see our factory video and more our product series.

Wire shelving is our core competences product,full automatic production process,250x40HQ container capacity each month.Equipped with our own chrome plating and powder coating workshop,quality stable and controllable delivery time.

We has much sales experience of any storage project,we can customized the wire shelving according to your request. If you are interest,please reply us at your convenient to discuss further.



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