What are the finishing skills of wardrobe racks?

1. Choose seasonal must-have items to hang in your wardrobe racks

Sort out the clothes you wear recently and hang them in the closet, so that you can find the clothes securely, which is very convenient.

If there are too many layers, the clothes will not only wrinkle easily, but it is also difficult to take them out, so choose the must-have items according to the frequency of wearing.

1), organize the wardrobe of the clothes that are often worn in the season. The remaining space can be used to store frequently worn T-shirts and shirts.

2) For the large wardrobe that stores out-of-season clothes, only the winter coats are sorted out and hung up, and the knitted ones are folded and put away, and the color should be exposed, which is convenient for seasonal selection.

2. The clothes in the chest of drawers are classified according to the season and the category of the single product

There are different ways to organize chests of drawers and open organizers. If the clothes in the chest of drawers are exposed and stored, it will be easy to find them. If you follow the usual practice, fold it up and layer by layer, and you can’t see what kind of clothes it is, and it will be a mess immediately after turning it twice. Conversely, for open storage boxes, the colors and patterns of the clothes should be exposed, folded up and placed in layers so that you can see them at a glance.

1), two commonly used chests of drawers, the first one for underwear, home clothes and sleeveless T-shirts.
The second one separates bright and dark outfits, and the rest are socks. By sorting home clothes and outdoor clothes separately like this, you can find the clothes you need at once.

Third, organize and find quickly
Put frequently worn clothes where they can be seen most easily. Wardrobes and drawers are also commonly used and not used, so it is best to keep them separate.

1), the items that are often worn should be separately arranged in the commonly used wardrobe. (The order is: vest—shirt or top—cardigan—coat—skirt or pants).

2), the casual clothes worn at home should be stored separately from home clothes and outdoor clothes. Roll up sleeveless shirts for all seasons so that colors and patterns are easy to distinguish.

3) Shirts that belong to the category of going out clothes should also be separated from bright colors and dark colors, so that they can be easily found when they are needed. Moreover, it is best to fold up the patterned clothes with the pattern exposed.

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