What are the common types of kitchen racks

1. Mini kitchen rack on table: There are some inherent storage tables in the kitchen that have a certain height, and the space after placing various porcelain bowls on these storage tables is very wasteful. At this time, you can choose some small countertop storage racks, which can place various seasoning bottles, spoons, shovels, etc., so that the space can be used reasonably. After storage, the neat arrangement of various bottles and jars makes the kitchen simple and clean, making the whole cooking environment relaxed and natural.

2. Small microwave oven rack: For the storage of microwave ovens, ovens and other items, it is very convenient to choose a small multi-layer storage rack. Such small multi-layer storage racks generally have a very small footprint and can store microwaves and ovens and more items on the level. Unfixed placement makes the storage rack an affordable and practical option that allows the housewife to adjust the position at will in the entire kitchen.

3. Freestanding kitchen rack, with the increase of kitchen utensils, some kitchens will become messy. At this time, a large kitchen utensil storage rack can be used for several commonly used pots and cooking utensils so that they can be safely and conveniently placed in the kitchen. Nooks for easy access without causing all kinds of distractions and clutter in the kitchen.

How to choose a shelf for the kitchen

First of all, you should estimate the size of your kitchen, and some items and types you are expected to store. Reasonable storage can avoid unnecessary waste of space. After planning in mind, choose the appropriate model and brand according to your own needs. Products with high quality and low price are our favorite. When there are many items in our kitchen, it will appear that the kitchen is very messy. At this time, it is very important to choose a good kitchen storage rack.

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