WELLAND brand artificial flower storage rack
  • Multi-layer large capacity and space storage, made of environmentally friendly carbon steel, beautiful and elegant, delicate and clean, beautiful shape, stable shelf support, stable and safe.
  • The high-quality flower wire shelf structure, metal frame support, strong and durable, smooth edges, prevent damage to family members and children
  • Black powder-coated surface treatment, more fashionable and beautiful, and waterproof and rust-proof, prevent mold, easy to care, clean, make your family Life is neat.
  • WELLAND artificial flower storage rack are suitable for all places, such as living room, bedroom, home office, dormitory, balcony, and can be used for small trees, cacti, succulents and other flower pot plants.
  • We have various types of storage racks, you can choose any way you like to combine them freely. More good ideas look forward to you to discover.
  • Put your favorite plants in a higher position to protect keep it away from children and pets. Putting it in the corner can effectively use the corner space to make it stand out and display in your house.
  • Our flower shelves can be used not only for displaying various plant, but also give you plenty of space for books, decorations, crafts, models and collectibles. It is a great place to show your life and hobbies.

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