We Wire Shelving Products Support OEM and Customized Order

Wire Shelving is the main product of our factory for 22 years,OEM and Customized product are our special advantage in the same trade. Here we’d like to share all customer that we can offer following customized product.

1)Various Surface Finish For Different Use Environment
We offer chrome finish,powder coating finish,zinc+powder coating,201 and 304 stainless steel,they can meet all kinds of use environment.

2)Various Loading Weight,decide by following aspect
a)Shelf Structure: we has both light duty and heavy duty shelf structure,suitable for both home storage and industry.
b)Post diameter: we offer three post diameter,they are 14mm,19mm,25mm
c)Wire diameter: there has frame wire, wave wire and horizontal wire,the wire thickness most decide the the shelf loading weight.

3)Customized shelf size and shelf layer
There are already more than 35 sizes mould available in our factory for selection, if clients wanna create a new size,it is ok for us to produce,just need pay mould cost in one time.
Shelf layer is decide by customer,the common layer are 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 layer.

4)Customized Packing
a)Export brown carton with customers shipping mark
b)White Box carton with customers shipping mark
c)Export brown carton+ color label
d)White Box+ Color label
e)Mail Order Packing
f)Color Box

If you has project need to customized the shelving,please feel free to contact us for information. Our website: https:wellandshelves.com

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