Your kitchen is the heart of your home!


In most houses these days, you’ll find that the kitchen is the heart of the family home. It’s the place where families get together to prepare meals together and eat their meals together. Sometimes, it is even designed to be the family room for all. In other times, it’s a get together place as kids sit with their parents while they do their tasks.
When it comes to such an important room in the house, organizing the space is often a daily activity. This is why having smart and effective organization solutions eases the task considerably. Your kitchen is a space that has so many items that need proper organization. Ranging from food to appliances and from dishes to spices, it is imperative that you choose the correct type of storage for each.

One way of doing that is counting on shelves! That is correct. Shelves are a brilliant way of organizing your kitchen space. Not only do they allow you to have a specific place set up for every item you may have, but they can be decorative too! Shelves give you access to more space, believe it or not, and they are so accessible and easy to clean.
Are you looking for a way to organize your kitchen? Well, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out the three types of shelves that will turn your kitchen into an organized wonder!
Three Types Of Shelves That Will Transform Your Kitchen!
The types of shelves we will be looking at today are:
-Microwave shelf
-Dishrack shelf, and
-Storage Shelf


The Microwave Shelf: Ingenious!

One of our favorites is the kitchen microwave shelf! Why? Because you don’t even need to have a microwave to have such a shelf! The whole purpose of this shelf is to make room for your microwave in a space that was not intended for it to begin with! The kitchen microwave shelf is one of those ingenious creations that fits a microwave perfectly, keeping the unsightly wiring at bay.
Usually it looks like an open and cut out box hanging down from one of your cupboards. It is strong enough to carry a microwave or any number of other appliances actually. If you have a coffee maker or a food processor that can fit in the shelf, use it for that instead! The beauty of the kitchen microwave shelf is its openness, making it easy to access your microwave or your appliance without having to open any cupboards.

While most are wooden, some people opt for the metal microwave shelf. This is different from your standard wooden kitchen microwave shelf. It may be used in industrial kitchens or even in your home. The metal microwave shelf is different in the sense that it is open on all three sides and is literally just a shelf. If you have a modern looking kitchen with metal tops, then you can choose the metal microwave shelf for your kitchen.



The Dish Rack: More Than Just A Dryer!


Next comes the kitchen dish rack. This is an absolute classic in any kitchen as it is one of the basic necessities. A long time ago, a kitchen dish rack would be no more than a plastic set with ridges for dishes and a section for cutlery. People would use it for drying off their washed dishes, cups and cutlery.

Today, the kitchen dish rack has evolved dramatically! The material used and the design evolved are only part of the evolution. First of all, the metal dish rack is now in much higher use than the plastic one. This is mainly because the metal dish rack provides a safe environment for your dishes and glasses and your cutlery. It is not a good breeding ground for bacteria and germs and so people are choosing it over the older version of the kitchen dish rack.

Besides hygiene, the metal dish rack blends beautifully with any modern kitchen. Some people have one hanging right over their kitchen sink. It’s ideal to let water run off until items dry and, at the same time, it looks great! In other cases, the metal dish rack can be used for organizing storage inside a cupboard. Of course, all items placed inside it will have to be already dry. This kind of dish rack usually pulls out of a cupboard.

kitchen dish shelves


The Storage Shelves: Add A Personal Touch To Your Kitchen!

The last of the types of shelves to look at here are the storage shelves. These are everybody’s favorite as they can be made of any shape, any material, and painted any color. Some people use their storage shelves for spices, for canned goods, cereal boxes, and even for appliances. These types of shelves can be open, closed, hidden, on display, wooden or metal and even plastic. They are one of the easiest items to actually make your own. You can paint them to suit your kitchen design. You can choose to have them lined up in any order you want, adding a symmetrical pattern to a blank wall.

Storage shelves may be closed or open. Whatever way you make yours, you can be ensured perfect organization. Your shelves can also be made to the strength you need. For instance, if you plan on storing heavy pots and pans, your shelf can be made sturdier to carry their weight. If you like easy access to cans and pasta containers, you may have an open set of shelves against one wall. You can even place tiny shelves next to your stove to store your spices in a spice rack so you can reach them while cooking.

Whatever type of shelf you choose, be it the kitchen dish rack, the storage shelf, or even the kitchen microwave shelf, be sure to make it your own!

The kitchen truly is the heart of any home and so, it must be a very comfortable space for you and for your family. Organizing it using the types of shelves listed here means a beautiful space where you can move freely. A space where everything is in its place or where it should belong.

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