This time we would like to introduce our multifunctional kitchen trolley

Usually most customers choice to do 3 tiers kitchen trolley also called kitchen trolley.For the kitchen trolley you can combine it with MDF board, wire shelf, and you also can combine it with wire baskets,wire shelf,wine racks and so on.

For most customers, they prefer to do chrome wire kitchen carts,which looks more elegant and more shinnny.Due to most of the time,the kitchen is wet, so some customers would do epoxy finished kitchen trolley.

For kitchen carts you can add asscessories like hooks or handles,there are flat handles, also upper handles.

Also many wheels avaliable such as pp wheels, or nylon wheels

For kitchen wire shelf, if without wheels, each layer usually can reach to 40KGS, if with wheels, the loading weight is up to the wheels.

For more information about these kitchen trolleys, please visit our website or contact with us,thanks

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