In recent years, the international metal rack market has shown the characteristics of high-end market demand, individualization, and market sales matching. The development speed of the international metal rack industry has slowed down. On a global scale, the development of the metal rack industry is also related to regional economic development, consumer consumption levels and habits. The market demand in economically developed areas in developed or developing countries is greater, and vice versa. It is lower.
According to the United Nations database, the current world metal rack production bases are mainly concentrated in China, the United States and the European Union. In 2015, the major importing countries of metal furniture and accessories (including the United States, the European Union, Japan and South Korea) imported 5.477 billion U.S. dollars of metal furniture to China. A year-on-year increase of 5.12%; imports of metal furniture accessories were US$976 million, a year-on-year increase of 0.72%.

Generally speaking, in recent years, the international market demand for metal racks has generally increased steadily, and metal furniture and accessories produced in China have taken a leading position in the international market, and the demand has continued to grow.

For industrial and commercial metal racks, the demand is basically consistent with the demand for storage shelves. On the one hand, the demand for storage shelves comes from the needs of circulation companies engaged in logistics services in the field of logistics and distribution, and on the other hand from the needs of manufacturers in the field of manufacturing. The development status of circulation enterprises and production enterprises determines the market demand for industrial and commercial metal racks, and the development status and future trends of these two types of enterprises can be explained by changes in the total logistics volume of the whole society. Therefore, the market demand for industrial and commercial metal racks varies with the total amount of social logistics. The higher the total social logistics, the greater the market demand for industrial and commercial metal racks. The amount of demand and the total amount of social logistics will increase. The curve is basically the same.

In the international market, the continuous improvement of the production technology and automation level of my country’s metal rack suppliers will continue to promote the upgrade of the quality of my country’s metal rack products, thereby driving the increase in export scale. Especially in the Japanese and South Korean markets, due to the small geographical size of Japan and South Korea and high requirements for space utilization, metal shelves with strong functionality, good quality, beautiful and durable will have great development potential in the future. my country’s medium and high-end metal shelves home furnishing enterprises The international market share is expected to grow further.

At present, the rigid configuration requirements of metal shelf home furnishings will become the second level of growth in the metal shelf home furnishing industry. In addition, the continued popularity of e-commerce has further stimulated the consumer demand for metal racks for household products. In the medium and long term, the healthy and stable development of the real estate industry is expected to become the driving force of industry policies. Under the combined effect of these various driving forces, the household metal rack industry will still maintain a good growth momentum.

Combined with the development trend of the downstream industry of metal racks, it is expected that from 2021 to 2025, with the improvement of living standards, the update of consumer concepts and the acceleration of the frequency of consumer products, China’s household metal racks market will maintain a steady growth state. By 2022, the market size is expected Reached 9.354 billion yuan; in the future, as the overall demand for metal racks from production companies will enter an adjustment period, the total social logistics contributed by circulation companies will increase. It is generally expected that the total social logistics will show a steady and rising development trend. It is conservatively estimated that the growth rate of the total social logistics in the future can be stabilized at more than 6%. It is estimated that by 2022, the market demand for industrial and commercial metal racks will reach 1.26 million tons.

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