The advantages of restaurant cold storage shelving of different materials

Involved in the scope of use: cold storage, commercial kitchen, freezer etc.
Project details:
Restaurant kitchen projects often require large quantities of shelves, as supporting equipment for industrial kitchens, generally used for storage or turnover purposes.
Cold storage and places with high humidity have strict requirements on the structure and material, rust resistance, etc. of the selected storage racks due to the influence of their environmental temperature and large changes, so as to prevent the material from breaking or rusting.
The cold storage shelving are generally used to store frozen meat, vegetables and fruits, scientific research reagents and other items, so they must have food-grade environmentally friendly surface treatment.
Our company has a variety of materials to choose from. You can choose different materials according to different purposes. The two most commonly used materials are as follows:
1. The shelf is made of Q195 carbon steel, which has strong flexibility and good extension. The surface adopts the process of strengthening anti-rust and environmentally friendly galvanizing and powder spraying, which is not easy to scratch and not easy to fall off. The surface is bright and beautiful, and it can be used in both dry and wet environments, such as restaurant kitchens, pharmacies, offices, supermarkets, mushroom cultivation, garages, etc.
2. The shelf made of 304 stainless steel guarantees that new products will not rust for many years and can contact corrosive materials. It is suitable for use in places, such as cold storage, hotel kitchens, hospitals, etc.
For each set of products, our company has 6 procedures to pass the strict inspection and inspection of the QC department before they can be shipped.
Exported to more than 70 countries, a variety of sizes of shelves can be selected, or customized according to your needs, welcome to consult us.

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