Client’s Name:Japan AIS


Cooperation Time:2003 to Present

Range of Application: Supermarket Display Shelf,Convenience Store Shelves

Project Details:

Zhongshan WELLAND brand chrome-plated wire mesh shelves are widely used in shopping malls for display purposes. Different from traditional commercial super-shelves, the mechanical design of wave frames is not only beautiful, but also greatly improves the load-bearing capacity and stability of the shelves. The surface treatment of chrome plating improves the grade of the display product. The mall with wire net shelves presents a unique design and simple and easy display style for shoppers. It can be used for the sale of goods in supermarkets and convenience stores. The chrome wire mesh shelf can adjust each floor according to the height of the items. The layer spacing, all sides are open, so that the display goods can be displayed in all aspects, according to the decoration style with different colors, or according to the actual needs of customers to add different functional accessories, such as hanging net, S hook, price mark Articles, PP boards, hanging baskets, etc. Because it is easy to install, no tools, easy to move and the layer spacing of each layer can be adjusted at will, and other characteristics, which make the network products popular in the market in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and domestic cross-border goods stores.

Case product:

Customer Profile:

JAPAN AIS is a listed company that is mainly engaged in the Japanese market. Mainly engaged in the sale of home and furniture products, Zhongshan Changsheng Metal Products Co., Ltd. has been supplying a full range of production line net racks for Honda Supermarket in Japan for 15 years. The shelves used in some areas of the mall also use wire mesh chrome shelves for display.

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