Microwave racks is one of our most hot sales items to E-commercial customers,we would like to share with you the most hot sales 2 items microwave oven shelf

4 tier microwave oven shelf                                              microwave oven shelf

Item Name:Chrome microwave wire shelf with wheels                                Item Name:4 Tier microwave oven shelf with feet
Model No.:CJ-B1509                                                                                           Model:CJ-B1510
Size:900X350XH900-1500MM                                                                          Size:900X350XH900-1500MM
Packing:91X36X14CM                                                                                        Packing:91X36X14CM

These chrome wire shelf are mainly sold very well online for USA market and also for european market.Each shelf can be adjusted based on your using requirement.During assemble,no tools required.Wheels can help you to reach anywhere you want and adjust level feet can be adjust to your requiement,a best kitchen shelf for your kitchen.

Except the chrome microwave shelf, we do also have Other items like wine racks,chrome plating wire shelf, stainless steel trolley,stainless steel carts .If you are interested in, please contact wit us.

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