Share a practical mobile wire file cart

  1. Keep your office area organized with this file cart that doesn’t take up a lot of space.It accommodates both letter and legal-size hanging folders for maximum storage efficiency.
  2. Mobile 4 lockable wheels allow easy movement between offices, conference rooms and meeting areas. Two wheels lock to keep the cart in place.
  3. Manufactured with carbon steel wire material, The wire cart can last through years of heavy, repetitive use.
  4. There are 3 floors in total.Each tier accommodates two rows of letter-sized files side by side, or a combination of letter and folders.
  5. The bottom layer of mesh can also place some documents and materials that do not need to be hung. The load-bearing capacity of this layer of shelves is 40kgs. It asol conveniently store paper and supplies.
  6. It great used for corporate mailrooms, apartment complexes, home offices, libraries, government offices etc.
  7. Sturdy structure, beautiful and bright appearance, Chrome-plated finish for use in dry environments。
  8. This rolling file carts with wheels structure is very simple ,No tools required to assemble it. The metal kitchen cart you only need to spend 10min to install it.
  9. Designed with adjustable shelves and clips to fix each layer.  There are height adjustable in 1 inch increments, you can adjust the height of the shelves of this rolling cart according to the size of the files.

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