According to the recent purchase records of most of our company’s customers for commercial racks, the following recommends our new commercial wire basket shelf carts to everyone.

This commercial wire basket shelving is mainly used for storage and storage in hospitals, clinics, offices, warehouses and other commercial fields. It is mainly sold in Europe and the United States. And the Australian market.

The following is a clear picture of this product:

Product name: Eight-layer wire drawer basket shelf cart on wheels
Material: Mild steel + PU universal wheel
Size: 610×460×H1960mm (including wheel height)
Surface treatment: Chrome plating
The components of the product include:
4 segmented Φ25 big pipe pillars+
2 pieces of non-standard mesh 24”x18” (wire diameter: Φ6/Φ4.8/Φ4.5/Φ3.5mm, wire distance: 20mm) +
3 drawer baskets (610x460mm, basket depth: 100mm) + 3 drawer baskets (610x460mm, basket depth: 200mm) + 6 left U-shaped rails (length 450mm) + 6 right U-shaped rails (length 450mm)+ 1 set of 4″PU plunger wheels (two with rear brakes and two without brakes) + 4 black Φ25 anti-collision rubber + 64 black clips.

  1. Features:
    After the surface of the product is treated with high-quality chromium electroplating, it has a strong anti-rust ability, which meets the needs of consumers for the use of commercial products.
  2. The product comes with 6 baskets and large-capacity storage, which greatly meets the needs of consumers.
  3.  Thecommercial wire drawer basket shelf cart is composed of all DIY parts. It is extremely easy and convenient to install and disassemble. The wire mesh frame uses a wave line mechanical structure, which has a good load-bearing capacity (the load-bearing capacity can reach 150~200kg/layer).
  4.  The product design is modern, simple and stylish, with exquisite appearance, firm structure, and high quality, which are favored and recognized by consumers.
  5. The wire basket rack cart uses the disassembled packaging method to reduce the packaging volume, thereby reducing the transportation cost. The packaging pictures are attached below for reference:

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