Sturdy Metal Seperator Wire Clothes Storage Rack 8 Pack Closet Shelf Dividers


  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Model: ?CJ-G1537
  • Product size: W305 x H305 mm
  • Surface finish: White plastic dispping finished
  • Salty & Spray Testing: 72 hours
  • Packing size: 320x320x80 mm
  • Pirce: 2$-5$
  • MOQ:200 set
  • Shipping:15-25 days
  • Payment: ?Supports L/C,T/T and more


Closet Shelf Dividers Metal Seperator Wire Clothes Storage Rack 8 Pack

Selling Points

  1. Easy assemble,no tool required
  2. This set of 8 wood shelf dividers will give you the ability to divide wide shelves to easily stack items such as clothing, towels, blankets, and linens into neat, high piles, increasing storage space
  3. Durable wire shelf dividers feature support brackets on top and bottom for stability
  4. Each divider approximately 12 inches length x 12 inches height. Set of eight (8) white dividers feature a durable plastic coated steel frame that won’t rust


Other Product Presentation

Item CJ-G1539
Size W305 x H305 mm
Finish Epoxy coated
Color White


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