Steel And Wood Outdoor Furniture Wholesale

Item No. CJ-W722
Main Material? Carbon Steel,wooden
Surface Finish Powder Coated Finished
Size 900x350x1800
Loading Weight 100kgs
Tube Size 25×1.2mmt
Gross Weight 15.4 KGS/CTN
Certificate NSF,SGS
Salty & Spray Testing 24 hours
MOQ 100 Set


Steel And Wood Outdoor Furniture Wholesale

Consist of :2pcs wire shelf and 1pc MDF board and 1pc 3-drawer cabinet
with side door and 4pcs upper pole and 4pcs lower pole and 4pcs single-
cone MDF board bracket and 4pcs single-cone bracket for wood cabinet
and 32pcs plastic clips and 4pcs stainless steel leveling feet


  1. Conical Machanicals Structure ,Heavy duty loading capacity.
  2. DIY & Knockdown Modern Furniture Design.
  3. Open & Concealed mixed together with Steel
    &Wood Materials Freely adjusting the layer height
  4.  make modular customized space solution.
  5.  Drawing Maker Software Support for Distributor sales.


Storage of furniture not only needs the open display space,but also derires the space of privacy,

“WELLAND Furniture”functional design team against the existing onefold elemental combining form,

They adopt a whole new concept of product development,combined carbon steel and wooden cabinet
in a subtle way.

Provide a more personal practical combination of houseware storage,Its changable,stable,fashionable,
sinple and easy,knockdown DIY style makes a comfortable house for you.


  More Place                    it can be used in different places, provide more  convenience and neatness for your life.

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