Stackable Shoes Rack Organizer for Entryway


Stackable shoes rack organizer free standing shoe shelf for entryway

Product Detail:

  1. Shoe rack using the carbon steel, clear texture, more natural beauty, combined with new high temperature carbonization technology, effective waterproof, robust and durable, you can use a few years are not easy to deform.
  2. Our shoe rack design is simple and close to life, multi-level to increase storage space storage and finishing, can be placed in the closet, living room, balcony, entrance or corridor, place shoes, bags, clothes, towels, potted plants can be.
  3. The shelf has a very practical splicing feature, each main pole has grooves at both ends and is connected by connecter, when you have multiple shoe racks, you can stack the layers upwards to add more storage space for you.
  4. The shoe shelf package has all the installation tools and accessories ready for you, just less than 10 minutes, you are done with the assembly.
  5. More detail of the wire shelving, welcome to visit our website:
  6. 23 years of professional wire shelving factory, certified by NSF & BSCI, quality is guaranteed
stackable shoes rack Name Stackable shoes rack organizer free standing shoe shelf for entryway
Item SR753590C4E
Size L750xW350xH1900mm
Finish Powder coated in black
Loading Weight 30kg per shelf

stackable shoes rack stackable shoes rack stackable shoes rack

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