Movable 3-Layer Heavy Duty Garment Rack with Fabric Box

Product information

  • Type: Multifunction
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Product Model: GR12045180A3E
  • Product Dimensions:L1200xW450xH1800mm
  • Each shelf loading: 30kg per shelf
  • Surface finish: Epoxy in black
  • Style: Adjustable
  • Tube Size: 25??1.0mmT
  • Certificate: NSF & BSCI
  • OEM & ODM: Yes
  • Shipping:15-25 days
  • Payment: ?Supports L/C,T/T and More

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Movable 3-Layer Heavy Duty Garment Rack with Fabric Box

Product Detail:

  1. This Garment Rack with Fabric Box can hold double amount of clothes to meet your life needs. The clothes rack with double rack can store clothes, shoes, baskets, boots, bags and umbrellas.
  2. Perfect for cleaning your clothes in your bedroom or dorm, drying your clothes in the laundry, or portable wardrobe racks in boutiques, showrooms, retail stores or flea markets.
  3. Multi function: wardrobe storage rack with 1 hanger, very suitable for hanging suits, coats, trousers, shirts or other heavy objects; Two fixed baskets are perfect for accessories, bedding, shoes, etc. Convenient use of bedroom, cloakroom, clothing store, laundry, walk-in closet, etc.
  4. It is made of high-quality iron, stable, strong and durable. The powder coated surface makes the shelf shinier and more appropriate.
  5. High quality anti rust material and thick black plastic pipe are used. You can hang the clothes rack on the balcony.
  6. Easy to assemble, all the tools are packed in the box of the hanger and assembled according to manual steps.
  7. We are professional and have the NSF&BSCI certificates.
  8. More detail of the movable garment rack, welcome to visit our website:
 Heavy Duty Garment Rack with Fabric Box Name Movable 3-Layer Heavy Duty Garment Rack with Fabric Bag
Item GR12045180A3E
Size L1200xW450xH1800mm
Finish Epoxy in black
Loading Weight 30kg per shelf

Heavy Duty Garment Rack with Fabric Bag 3-Layer Heavy Duty Garment Rack with Fabric Bag 3-Layer Heavy Duty Garment Rack Black Garment Rack with Fabric Bag

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