High Quality Chrome Steel Storage Add-on Wire Shelving Unit

Using N-Hooks to connect the middle wire shelf with the shelf frame on the left and right sides of the shelf into a level effect,each set of combinations not only saves 4 pillars,but also than a single set of shelves more stable.

Product information

  • Product Model: ?HD183672A4C
  • Product Dimensions: L36″xW18″xH72″
  • Each shelf loading: 350kg(800lbs) per shelf
  • Shelf Layer Numbers: 8
  • Surface finish: Chrome plated
  • Tube Size: 25×1.2mmt
  • Type:Heavy Duty
  • Certificate: NSF & BSCI
  • Usage:Office,Warehouse,Factory,Store,Garage
  • Pirce: 99$-119$
  • MOQ:20 set
  • Shipping:15-25 days
  • Payment: ?Supports L/C,T/T

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High Quality Chrome Steel Storage Add-on Wire Shelving Unit

Product Detail:

1.PREMIUM MATERIALS:add-on wire shelving unit made by durable and sturdy carbon steel material

2.HEAVY DUTY LOADING WEIGHT: Each shelf can load about 350kg(800lbs)per layer , in total is about 2800kgs(6200lbs)a unit.

3.ADJUSTABLE SHELF SPACE:Every grooves by1″increament pressed onto round tube,snap plastic clips onto grooves freely for adjusting eash shelf layer height at will.

4.SURFACE FINISH:Chrome plated surface finish Shining appearance and anti-rust capability.

5.WIRE SHELVES STRUCTURE: open design and clear storage at a glance.

6.STURDY DESIGN:Welded steel wire shelf with machnical structure of snake wire frame and taperred collars.

7.EASY ASSEMBLY:use screws to make a locking combination of a pair side shelf connection brackets for a seamless connection of base and add-on wire shelving.

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