2023 Free-Standing Towel Rack for Swimming Pool or Hotel

Product information

  • Type: Multifunction
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Product Model: CJ-B1710
  • Product Dimensions: L700xW350xH1060-1300 mm
  • Each shelf loading: 40kg per shelf
  • Surface finish: Epoxy
  • Style: Adjustable
  • Tube Size: 19×1.0mmT
  • Certificate: NSF & BSCI & ISO9001
  • OEM & ODM: Yes
  • Shipping:15-25 days
  • Payment: Supports L/C,T/T and More

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2023 New Design Free-Standing Towel Rack for Swimming Pool or Hotel

Product Feature:

  1. The oversized bath towel will not touch the floor to keep the towel clean. 3 sturdy towel bars is perfect for drying multiple towels at once.
  2. You can spread your towels out to dry without folding it. The distance between the two bars is 4.72 inches and the air circulation is favorable, so that the thickened towel can be dried quickly to prevent odors.
  3. Comes with three hanger and two shelves for extra storage space in the shower. You can unroll wet towels to dry while storing clean towels in a shelf at the bottom.
  4. Avoid direct contact between the towel rack and the ground, protect the floor or tile from damage. Adjust the height of the foot pad as needed to keep the towel rack standing stable. It can flexibly place indoors or outdoors.
  5. High quality anti rust material and thick black plastic pipe use in this product. You can hang the clothes on the rack.
  6. We are professional and have the NSF, BSCI, ISO9001 certificates.
  7. Professional customer service will always be there no matter before or after sales. Any problems, please feel free to contact us.
Name Free-Standing Towel Rack for Swimming Pool or Hotel
Item CJ-B1710
Size L700xW350xH1060-1300 mm
Finish Epoxy
Loading Weight 40kg per shelf

free-Standing towel rack free-Standing towel rack free-Standing towel rack

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