Practical and space-saving home storage wire shelf

The home is chaotic and disorderly, this trouble bothers most people. After all, buying and buying occasionally will cause a serious imbalance in the home space.
At this time, a wire shelf can solve these problems. It has the characteristics of simple and dexterous design, which plays a huge role in the placement of daily necessities. With them, the items on the shelf are clear at a glance, and you can get the items you need at any time. La.

Large-capacity style carbon steel shelf, multi-layer design, very sufficient capacity. Sturdy structure, strong load-bearing capacity, multi-functional application, to meet any storage needs.

This is a very distinctive home wire shelf, made of selected high-quality materials, very strong and environmentally friendly, multi-layer storage design, exquisite and generous, and large capacity space;
The surface finish of electroplated chromium is more bright and beautiful,
DIY style, you can adjust the height of the floor according to the size of the space and the size of the items.
It can also be equipped with other accessories, such as hooks, to meet different storage needs. It is a must-have storage shelf for your home.

WELLAND Home Storage Wire Shelf Advantages:

  1. Rust-poor Carbon Steel or National Standard Stainless Steel
  2. Freely Adjust Each Shelf Space
  3. Casters and Feet can be used Interchangeably
  4. Easy Assembly, 100% No Tools Required
  5. Automatic Spot-Welding Technology, Shelf is Flantess & No Burrs
  6. Heavy Duty Loading Capacity, Each Layer Load 250lbs-800lbs
  7. Full Range of Sizes and Accessories for Your Choice
  8. K/D Packing, Easier to Transport

Practical and space-saving home storage wire shelf

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