Sharing Popular 2-Tier Mini Wire Basket Kitchen Rack in Chrome plated

According to the latest export order data from our factory, here we share with you our latest hot-selling product in the Asian and South American markets – the two-tier household mini wire basket kitchen rack, this product is mainly used in the family kitchen to store vegetables, fruits and meat. or kitchen utensils.

The following is the product picture (our model: CJ-C1400)

Product Name: 2-tier Mini Wire Basket Kitchen Rack
Size: L450×W200×H450mm
Surface treatment: chrome plating
The components of the complete set include:
2 mesh baskets + 4 one-segment pillars +16 clips + 4 adjustable feet.

2-tier Mini Wire Basket Kitchen Rack

Product feature:
1. The product configuration is equipped with a customized wire basket with suitable depth, which can better place food or kitchen utensils, and is specially designed for the special needs of consumers in small families.

2. The 2-tier storage shelf comes with a user-friendly design, you can adjust the layer height.

3.After the surface of the product is treated with high-quality chrome plating, it has a strong anti-rust ability, and it will not rust when used in a humid environment for a long time, which meets the ideal requirements of consumers for product use.

4. The kitchen rack is composed of all DIY parts, and the installation and disassembly are extremely simple and convenient, and the mesh and basket frame use the wave line mechanical structure, and the load-bearing capacity is good (the load-bearing capacity can reach 30kg/layer).

5. The product design is modern, simple and fashionable, with exquisite appearance, firm structure and high quality, which is favored and recognized by the majority of consumers.

6. The 2-tier kitchen rack will help you optimizing the kitchen table, living room or bathroom, so you can enjoy neat, tidy and uncluttered home spaces. Make your home more organized.

7. Our mini wire kitchen racks are very easy to assemble, no tools required, easy installation

8. The product uses pillars to achieve the ideal design. All pillars can be put into the wire basket during packaging to reduce the packaging volume and thus reduce the transportation cost. The following packaging pictures are attached for customers’ reference and understanding:

mini wire basket kitchen rack packing

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