Over Washing Machine Storage Rack Styles

Zhongshan Changsheng Company is a professional washing machine storage racks supplier. Our designs and produces a variety of washing machine racks that are popular in the market.

Changsheng washing machine shelf have complete specifications, diverse varieties and wide range of uses.

Our washing machine shelves have undergone strict quality control such as load-bearing test, salt spray test, box drop test, etc.


Advantages of using a washing machine rack:

Neat and organized:

Placing laundry supplies, detergents, etc. in the storage space on the washing machine rack can keep the laundry area neat, orderly, , and easy to access.

Increase storage space:

The vertical space above the washing machine shelf can not only be used to store washing powder, laundry detergent and other laundry supplies, but also can be used to dry clothes, towels, etc.,

Convenient access:

The washing machine rack not only saves space, but also makes it easy to access. You don’t need to look elsewhere to keep your items organized.

Beautify the space:

Choosing a stylish washing machine rack can add a decoration to the laundry area and enhance the overall beauty.

In general, using a washer and dryer rack to store things can make the laundry area tidier, more convenient, and more efficient.

Here are our three best-selling washing machine racks:

Washer and Dryer Storage Shelf Item CJ-B1727
Size L900xW350xH900-1500mm
Finish Powder coated in black
Loading Weight 40kg per shelf
Component 3 Wire Shelves and 1 Bakset Rack and 2 Hanging Hooks


Over Washer and Dryer Shelves Name Black Washer and Dryer Rack with 4 Shelves and 1 Basket Rack and 1 Hanging Hooks
Item CJ-B1712
Size L1070xW350xH1950mm
Finish Epoxy in black
Loading Weight 40kg per shelf


Name Chrome Plted Washing MachineRack with 1 Wire Shelves and Wire Basket and 2 Hanging Hooks
Item CJ-B1351E
Size L750xW350-450xH1500mm
Finish Chrome plated
Loading Weight 30kg per shelf


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