Changsheng has a professional research & development team and experienced international commerce team which have been worked in this industry for more than 18 years. We accept OEM/ODM customization according to customers’ requirements.


Step 1: Requirement Communication

1.Customer sends us exact sample to copy

Customer sends us technical drawings to turn design into reality

Customer sends us pictures for reference

Customer sends us initial idea of a project and we discuss details together

2. We Changsheng will think over customers’ request and share our ideas with customer to clarify every detail to make the initial design more practical.

3. We Changsheng provides 2D or 3D technical drawings to customer for  reference and confirmation.

4. Customer confirms the technical drawings.

Step 2: Quotation

1. We Changsheng evaluate cost as per approved drawings and offer reasonable prices to customers.

2. Communicate with customers about quotation details such as material, surface treatment, price, lead time and so on to work out a satisfied and market-oriented cost.

3. Customer agrees

Step 3: Hand-make Sample Approval

1. Customer entrusts us to make samples as per approved drawings.

2. Customer provides comments of the samples and modify the design or technique if necessary and we Changsheng offer revised drawings again.

Customer confirms or signs the samples if it’s acceptable.

Step 4: Sign contract & Pay the deposit

1. Customer sends us official Purchasing Order with signature and company chop and we send back Performa Invoice in return to confirm orders.

2. Customer pays for deposit upon signed PO/PI.

Step 5: Production

1. We Changsheng establish product file in our database as per signed samples.

2. We Changsheng develop moulds and jigs for mass production.

3. We Changsheng produce bulk samples and compare with signed sample version or send to customer for confirmation if required.

4. We Changsheng keep supervising and inspecting the whole production process including incoming material, in-line production, semi-finished products and finished products.

5. We Changsheng timely communicate with customer and reflect the production status.

Step 6: Final Random Inspection

We will advise customer 5-7 days before finishing packaging in our factory so that customer can arrange FRI if required.

Step 7: Delivery 

1.We will advise customer 5-7 days before about contact information of sea forwarder . If they don’t have ,we would quote our bottom sea freight cost with best services for a references.

2. If customers have their own sea forwarder ,we would start the shipment process and share with customers shipping plan .  After received shipment confirmation,  we would load the container and offer draft shipping documents for customers confirmation.

3. Confirm the content of shipping document to sea forwarder and print out original version.

Step 8 : Balance Payment and Release Shipping Documents

1. Send the copy of original shipping documents to customer for balance payment .

2. Express or release out original shipping documents to customer as per agreed payment terms .

Step 9 :

Follow up with customer about order feedback on product quality and following services so that to know how to make improvement on the future new cooperation.

Step 10:

Share with cooperated customers new design and patent products at regular intervals .


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