Scope of use: restaurants, hotels, fast food restaurants

Name: 5 layer bread storage rack

Project details:
The food industry pays more attention to not only deliciousness, but also hygiene and safety. Many large-scale restaurants must be inspected and qualified by the environmental protection department before opening. The internal hygiene and safety evaluation is not only about the freshness of the ingredients. And whether the equipment and props used meet the requirements.
Some large catering chain stores will require equipment suppliers to have American NSF certification to further ensure the safety of purchased equipment. What does NSF certification mean? Here is an explanation for everyone:
1. Any authorized factory or product with NSF certification means the ability to remove impurities marked by the product;
2. The product material will not add polluting ingredients in the process of water treatment
3. Meet the design and production process requirements
4. The product has no functional and structural defects
5. The certification standards shown in product advertisements, sample materials and logos are true and accurate.

NSF certification is a non-governmental organization that is not for profit. NSF focuses on standard setting, product testing and certification services in the fields of public health, safety, and environmental protection.
Generally, companies that have obtained this certification are subject to institutional supervision, and the products are guaranteed, and all aspects of the factory are also guaranteed.

Project products:
l Product model: CJ9045180A5C
l Product name: NSF certified environmentally-friendly and safe feature bread storage rack, food-grade baking wire shelf
l Product size: L900xW450xH1800mm
l Load-bearing capacity of each layer: 250 kg/single layer
l Surface treatment: chrome plating

bread storage rack

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