A wine rack is essentially a shelving set that organizes your wine storage and saves you space. What better place than a simple wine rack, right?  There is a large range of sizes for wine racks and therefore the number of bottles of wine. Most people have a kitchen wine rack but in larger homes, you may place one large wine rack (or several!) in a cellar. Whatever your preferences, there are so many wine rack designs out there that there’s bound to be one that suits your needs and budget.


metal wine rack


Metal Wine Rack

Metal is a popular material for making wine racks. It is a bit more difficult to make a metal wine rack than it is with wood, metal does have a larger variety of piece types. Metal is more fluid than wood and it is possible to make flowing shapes. You can also paint metal to match your decor.

A metal wine rack is a good idea for both the long-term and short-term storage of your wine. Some metal wine racks are more minimalist and aesthetic in their design, holding fewer bottles. Others are huge configurations that focus more on the amount of storage rather than looks. Whether you prefer a simple wine rack or a more complex one, the type of metal in its construction is worth your consideration.


Stainless Steel Wine Rack

Most stainless-steel varieties are ideal for use in the kitchen and fit in well in any modern, contemporary kitchen. Stainless Steel wine rack is perfect for a kitchen thanks to its corrosion- and stain-resistant properties. Compared to other metals, it doesn’t rust and is resistant to oxidation. It is easy to clean and Stainless Steel is also recyclable. Due to these properties, they maintain their appearance and quality for a long time. This is especially important in humid spaces like the kitchen.


Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is another great choice for a metal wine rack. It is long-lasting and durable. There are also many styles of wine racks made from wrought iron. There are antique and traditional designs right through to modern and contemporary styles. Usually, wrought iron wine racks are more decorative and ornamental thanks to their fluid shapes.

They can store wine safely as well as looking great. Some are even designed more like a form of sculpture. Wrought iron gives the possibility of innovative design and shape. Sometimes, this is their main focus and you can get elaborately designed wrought iron wine racks that store just one bottle of wine at a time!


Specialty Racks

A metal wine rack is usually built to hold 750ml standard wine bottles. If you want a rack to hold larger or oversized bottles, you may need to build one yourself or have one constructed. This is a challenge if you are wanting a metal wine rack!


Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

Some wine rack designs are wall-mounted. These are great as space savers as well as decorative pieces. Wall-mounted racks can hold anything from one bottle of special wine to a whole cellar full (well, maybe not quite). Some wall-mounted racks may also have space for the wine glasses too.


Cleaning a Metal Wine Rackmetal wine rack

Cleaning a metal wine rack can be quite straight forward if you have the right equipment. Firstly, you will need either two spray bottles or two buckets with warm water, depending on the size of the wine rack that you want to clean. One of the buckets or spray bottles is just for rinsing you wine rack once you have cleaned it, so fill it with warm water only. Make sure the water is not too hot. You could also use a garden hose if you have a large wine rack.

Next, you should add a mild household cleaner or dish soap to the water to clean the metal gently. Remember, don’t use any cleaners with bleach or antibacterial cleansers. You should add this to the water in this ratio: 1tbsp or 14ml of soap to 1 quart of water (946ml). If you are using household cleaner, you should use ¼ cup (59ml) to each ½ gallon (1.892l) of water.

If your wine rack is wrought iron and is kept indoors, using distilled white vinegar is also a good soap substitute. You should add ½ cup (118ml) to each ½ gallon of water.

Next, you should soak a washcloth or soap sponge with the cleaning solution. You need to use plenty, so do not worry about wringing it out first. Make sure all the dirt and dust are removed. For wrought iron, you should use a circular motion to clean it, one small section at a time. Make sure you rinse it afterwards. You should use a clean cloth or sponge and use your other bucket or spray. Don’t forget you could use your hosepipe if yours is a large wine rack.


Removing Rust

To remove rust, you could use sandpaper or a wire brush. Wrought iron often develops rust periodically. Once you have cleaned the rack you should file down the rusty spots. It will restore the wine rack and make it as good as new again. If there are some stubborn rust spots, you can treat these with phosphoric acid. This converts rust into a substance called iron phosphate, which appears black, hard and crusty. Leave the phosphoric acid on the rust for 24 hours for this to happen. You can get this acid in a gel or spray form.

Make sure that you protect yourself, particularly your face and hands whilst using it. Use a mask, eye protection and rubber gloves. After you have left the rust for the required time, use the wire brush to brush away the rust spots. Hopefully, your metal wine rack is now free from rust!

Finally, you need to ensure that you let the wine rack dry completely before you re-install it or fill it back up with wine. Use a dry cloth to wipe away excess moisture and leave it for a while before refilling.


Final Thoughts

A metal wine rack can add great storage possibilities to your home, whether it is a kitchen wine rack or one in a dedicated space in a cellar. They can range from a contemporary Stainless-Steel wine rack to more vintage-feel wrought iron wine rack designs. But what you can be sure of, if you follow the tips on how to clean and take care of your wine rack, it will stand the test of time and be a useful storage solution for years to come, whether it’s a simple wine rack or a more elaborate design.

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