Maximizing the spaces in our homes is essential these days. People often have lots of stuff and nowhere to put it. This not only means that our living spaces are cluttered, but this also adds to our mood and stress levels.


Living with Clutter and Dealing with Clutter metal corner rack shelf

Clutter does not just affect our housekeeping but it also affects our health. As alluded, physical clutter can create or perpetuate mental clutter. It can wear down our ability to focus on tasks in hand and to relax in our own homes. Our home should be one of the most relaxing spaces we know.

Clutter also causes us to procrastinate. People look to tidy the clutter rather than do the job that they were originally trying to do. The person ends up flitting from one thing to another without really achieving a great deal. Having clutter also means that this sorting out of it causes you to spend a lot longer doing housework than you should. You could be doing other, much more fun things with your time.

As well as procrastination, there are more physical reasons why clutter is bad for us. Did you know, it has been linked to obesity? People who live in cluttered homes tend to have more disordered eating and often overeat, making them gain weight. This is thought to be because clutter makes us feel stressed and therefore increases cortisol, the stress hormone, in our bodies. To combat this, the human body has the urge to eat more.

Clutter is also linked to an increased risk of allergies. Let’s face it, clutter often equates to dust! And if you’ve got a dust allergy, then clutter really messes with your body! So, dealing with clutter in our homes is therefore essential. But, just how can we manage it?


Appropriate Corner Racks for Storage

Clutter is usually a sign of not enough storage or perhaps not enough storage that is suitable. This is where corner racks come in. A corner rack shelf can be added to any room. These shelves can make use of even the tightest and most award of spaces such as high up in your living room or in the corner of your kitchen units.


Different Types of Kitchen Corner Rackskitchen rack shelf

A kitchen corner rack shelf is a great addition to any kitchen that’s short on space. Do you know that dead space in your kitchen corners that you can’t quite reach due to the worktop? A kitchen corner rack would fill that gap and allow you much more space to store your kitchen things.

A metal corner rack is ideal as they are easy to clean in an area that is prone to moisture, drips and spills. Some kitchen corner rack shelves are the perfect size to store plates and crockery, either for everyday use of for the ‘posh’ set that you have on display and use only when you have guests.

A wine corner rack is exactly what you’d think! If you don’t have much cupboard space to create a winery area, a wine corner rack is ideal. It also allows you to see your different wines so that you can choose the perfect one to go with your meal. It could also allow your guests to select a bottle with ease too. After all, who doesn’t love to see a selection of wines available, right?



Bathroom Corner Racksbathroom rack shelf

The bathroom: another room where we are often short on space. A metal bathroom corner rack is ideal for creating the illusion of extra storage space for all your bathroom bits and pieces. You can get shower corner racks that fix to the walls of your shower, either through suction pads or that screw directly into the bathroom tiles or wall. These are extremely useful additions. It means that the floor of your shower is free from the clutter of your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles, giving you more space to stand and shower.

You can also get a free-standing bathroom corner rack that can be placed in your bathroom. These make a great place to store towels and other bits and pieces. Some racks even have concealed compartments for all those things that you don’t want out on the show. As in the kitchen, a metal corner rack is ideal for a bathroom as they are easy to keep clean. You can wipe the surfaces much more easily without worrying about moisture from steam damaging wood or other materials.



Living Room Corner Rackwine rack shelf

A corner rack for the living room is an ideal piece of furniture. There are many contemporary designs of corner rack out there today. Some have many shelves and stand on your floor. Others screw into the wall at various heights and fill corner spaces that way.

Look around any living room and you will see the need for storage. Some rooms have so many things in them: the TV, a sound system, sofas, a coffee table, a side table, lamps, a sideboard and perhaps even children’s toys. If you are struggling for space, then using a corner rack is a perfect choice. Living room corner racks store books, toys, ornaments, DVDs, CDs, your old LPs, photo frames, and just about any knickknack you can think of!


A Metal Corner Rack: The Ideal Storage No Matter the Room

Whether you are looking for somewhere to store your wine in the kitchen or your shampoo in your shower, a metal corner rack is the perfect addition to any home to banish the clutter and become more organized (and healthy too!). There are so many to choose from: a metal living room corner rack, a bathroom corner rack, a shower corner rack, a kitchen corner rack and a wine corner rack. Whatever the rack, having the storage is the key to living in a happier, clutter-free home.

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