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Kitchen cold chain case “Qatar RAS”

Customer Name: Qatar RAS


Cooperation Time: Since 2012

Range of Application: Hotel Kitchen, Cold Storage


Project installation effect

Qatar RAS customers have cooperated with our company for many years. It is a professional equipment supplier for kitchen cold chain. It is specially designed for the use of kitchen and cold storage storage in five-star hotels. The project is located in the prosperous and prosperous area of ​​Qatar. The wall-mounted racks on the wall are the highlight of this project, and the customer’s space solution makes extensive use of the wall-mounted shelves to maximize the storage space. The layer spacing can be adjusted at will, and the wall net racks installed on multiple walls can realize the effect of flat layer extension installation through special customized middle double row triangle support members, and the storage space is more neat and uniform. The net goods are hollowed out, easy to store at a glance, easy to store dust, easy to clean, the factory strictly controls the surface of the product to chrome plating, regularly select products to arrange third-party authorities to do salt spray test to ensure the long-term stability of all product quality. To achieve high quality requirements, installing different accessories can add more useful features. For example, a hanging basket is added to the side of the wire mesh shelf installed on the wall, which can be used to store bottled items. Add a small hook to the bottom of the mesh to hang many small objects.

At the end of the day, Zhongshan Changsheng Metal Products Co., Ltd. has exported more than 70 countries and won the US NSF certification and the European and American BSCI factory audit.

Case Product:

Customer Profile:

Qatar RAS is a professional importer of shelf products. Founded in 2011 in Doha, Qatar. Mainly engaged in industrial shelves, shopping mall display shelves, and warehouse hotel shelves, professional supply to five-star high-end kitchen and cold storage projects, because of the excellent quality and service reputation, the commercial shelf field in the Qatar market is far ahead. The shipment of the Changsheng Metal Factory in Zhongshan City is about 6X40HQ per year.

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