Is it Better to hang or Fold Clothes to Save Space in the Wardrobe Racks

Is it better to hang or fold clothes to save space in the wardrobe racks

  • According to the material of the clothes: clothes made of silk, satin, lace and other materials are suitable for hanging; and materials that are often starched, such as cotton dress shirts, also need to be hung, so that the clothes can be protected from wrinkles and affect wearing and beautiful; Tight-fitting and elastic fabrics, such as woolen sweaters, Lycra, knitwear, etc., need to be folded to prevent the clothes from stretching and causing the clothes to deform;
  • According to the purpose of clothes: it is best to hang formal clothes and light clothes, while heavy clothes and casual clothes need to be folded. If the wardrobe racks is large enough, heavy clothes can also be hung, avoiding folding and taking up a lot of space.
  • A wardrobe rack that can hold both folded and hung clothes can easily solve these problems.
  • Our diy wardrobe rack, which instantly creates extra storage space and effortlessly organizes your messy items into order in no time.
  • Multifunction used: garment rack with 2 hanging rods is ideal for hanging suits, coats, pants, shirts or other heavy clothes, The Two Fixed baskets is great for placing accessories, bedding, shoes, etc. Easy access to bedroom, cloakroom, clothing store, laundry room, walk-in closet and more.
  • Made of high quality carbon steel, it features stable, sturdy and durable. The powder-coated finish makes this shelf shiny and more decent.Each wire basket and wire shelves can holds up to 66 pounds/30KG

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