Industrial manufacturing case “Tri Star Group”

Customer Name: Tri Star Group

Area: Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

Cooperation Time:2019

Range of Application: Electronic Warehouse Storage

Project details

Since the products produced by the customers are very precise, the shelves for storing and storing them are also very strict. After detailed communication with the company, we recommend the cost-effectiveness according to the anti-static index required by the customers. The most suitable shelf product solution for the actual use of the customer and the detailed parameter quotation details. In addition, we strictly control the surface treatment process of chrome plating to ensure that the products produced can pass the random sampling test of professional institutions such as SGS. The load-bearing weight of the mesh is personally tested by the customer, far exceeding the industry’s load-bearing standard value. The piece can bear up to 250KG.

Case product:

Customer Profile:

Tristar Inc. is a manufacturer of high-end security products in Asia (such as ATM safes, bank safes, gun cabinets, etc.) and is headquartered in Pudong District, Shanghai. Products include: three series of financial and security, industrial solutions and heat exchange products. As a member of ESSA (European Security Systems Committee), it is the only CEN safe manufacturer in Asia to receive VdS certification, one of the “Top 200 SMEs in Asia and the Pacific” selected by Forbes, and the “30 years of Chinese business” selected by “Entrepreneur” The top 50 most promising Chuangxing companies.

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