Industrial manufacturing case “Steelmate”

Client’s Name : Steelmate

Address : Zhongshan,Guangdong

Cooperation Time:2016 to Present

Range of Application: Warehouse Storage , Factory Workshop

Project Details

The electronic warehouse and production workshop assembly line storage project is fully responsible for our company. The customer only provides the area drawing of the warehouse and workshop. Our company designs a number of storage and storage plans for the iron general company according to the drawings, and provides the shelves after the actual needs. The model can realize the anti-static, multi-layer storage, adjustable, environmentally-friendly and other functional requirements, and then order the production of large goods, which has been praised and praised by customers, and has been designed according to the plan of this workshop to design the storage plan of other workshops. Make the space utilization of the warehouse to achieve the maximum and maximum improvement

Case Products:

Company Profile

Steelmate Co.,Ltd is one of the leading automotive electronics companies in China, offering alarm system, TPMS, Parking sensor, etc. With an industrial park covering an area of 80,000 square meters and Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities from German and Japan in its production lines and testing center, Steelmate has forged a close relationship with OEMs, distributors as well as consumers worldwide.To play a bigger role in the world market, Steelmate has built groups of R&D professionals, managerial talents, guided with international management systems and practice to provide innovative, smart and competitive electronics solutions and services.

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