Indoor Plants Wire Shelving Home Decoration Designs

Indoor plants wire shelving home decoration designs

  • The plants wire shelving is can hold more than 7 kinds of plants, which is very suitable for displaying small and medium-sized plants and keeping them away from pets.
  • The pot stand is wide enough to hold most of the pots. Multi storey high and low garden plant shelf, open design, no shelter, easy to operate and use water, help plants get enough sunshine growth.
  • This plant wire shelving will keep balance and upright as your plant continues to grow. The large flower pot
  • position at the bottom is rectangular structure, which ensures that the plant bracket will center of gravity downward and stabilize the frame without tilting.
  • Modern plant shelves : the plant frame adopts anti rust silver coating and adjustable feet to keep the shelf level and protect the floor from scratch.
  • Not only sturdy and durable, but also beautiful and stylish, waterproof and rustproof.
  • Multi functional application – this flower rack can be used in corridors, indoor, outdoor, bedroom, living room, balcony, courtyard, garden, front porch, office and shop.
  • Open design, more ventilation, can water the flowerpot in all directions.
  • Each shelf can be adjusted, you can adjust the height according to the height of the pot or your needs
  • DIY assembly, more adaptable to impossible space and needs.
  • Compared with the traditional flower stand, this flower stand has more advantages, allows light to pass through multiple shelves which makes it the ideal choice for growing plants, and it is easy to disassemble and assemble, when you want to change the place of use

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