How to Style Commercial Wire Shelves ?

Designing the style of commercial wire shelving requires considering practicality, aesthetics, usage environment and brand image. Here are some suggestions for styling commercial shelving:

Consider functional requirements:

First determine the functional requirements of commercial wire shelving, such as store display, document storage, restaurant storage, mushroom cultivation, laboratory storage and trophy display, etc.

Surface finish can be selected according to the use environment:

dry environments are suitable for electroplating surface finish, Which is clean and bright. For humid environments, Powder spraying or powder coated + zinc coated surface finish. The color can be classic black, white or green.

wire shelving finish

Make full use of accessories:

Commercial wire shelves usually have a variety of accessories to choose from, such as hooks, baskets, dividers, PP boards, handles, wheels, etc.

These accessories can help organize and display merchandise, adding functionality and beauty to wire shelving.

wire shelving part

Try to create a sense of hierarchy: Use wire shelf of different heights and depths to visually create a sense of hierarchy. Lower-height shelves for displaying products, while taller shelves can be used to store files or other larger items.

Balance your storage space and wire shelves:  Balance the distribution of items so that each shelf has enough storage and display space.

Branding can be added: Use the space on commercial wire shelving to highlight branding and promotional messages.  Our customized 5 gallon water bottle rack has such a design.

Refer to other designs: From the perspective of users and buyers, analyze what kind of steel wire racks they need.  Similar functions to understand how to best organize and display goods.

The most important thing is to design the style of commercial wire shelves according to brand image and business needs. Create a unique and functional commercial wire rack.

Wire shelving is a very flexible and cost-effective product. It is not only widely used, but can also be DIY assembled according to your needs.

This shelving is also very easy to clean and install, and it is also very environmentally friendly. If it is not damaged by humans, a good one Wire shelf can basically be used for more than 10 years

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