How to Organize Wire Pantry Shelves

how to organize wire pantry shelves

  • Tableware storage seems simple and easy, but in fact there are many small thoughts hidden in it. If we want to have perfect storage, we not only need to tidy up frequently, but more importantly, we need to plan and arrange the storage space in the early stage, so that it will be convenient for us to tidy up later.
  • First of all, things should be placed in their respective places, which can be divided by small things such as organize wire pantry shelves, shelves, drawers, etc., and frequently used things should be placed in the most accessible place, or the storage place can be determined according to the purpose, and then classified.
  • For housewives, they spend more time in the kitchen than in other rooms. Usually, people think it is difficult to clean up the kitchen, because it involves various small appliances and cooking pots. Concealment is the key, and it is also the key point to reduce the burden on the space. , in a narrow kitchen, we can use a refrigerator and desktop storage rack to put things, such as seasoning bottles, noodles, food, rags and various pots and utensils
  • Another example is the dish rack. You no longer have to worry about your bowls being piled up in a mess in the drawer, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking them one day. But you need to pay attention to dry it and put it in, and then spread absorbent paper underneath to prevent moisture inside the cabinet
  • Another way to open the kitchen cart is not bad. In the future, you only need to put a small part of the most commonly used tableware on the cart, and put the rest of the less commonly used tableware in the cabinet.


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