How to organize a pantry with wire shelves

I am sharing a how to organize pantry with wire shelves, this is also my experience, hope it can help you。
Before I bought wire racks for storage in the pantry, I usually piled cans, biscuits, chips, noodles, various drinks and condiments, snacks and other foods purchased from convenience stores and supermarkets directly in supermarket bags In the pantry room.

Many times, when cooking food in the kitchen, if there is any missing seasoning, I need to find what I want from the bags containing food, because most of the time the search process is relatively long, so I need pause cooking and then go to the pantry to find the spices I need. After I find the spices I need, I can continue cooking. This not only affects the taste of the food, but also greatly affects my mood when I can’t find the spices, And it’s a huge waste of my time trying to find these things

When I want to eat snacks, I also need to go to the pantry room to find the snacks I want to eat. Sometimes, when I am too lazy to look for these snacks, I will take this bag with snacks to the living room, but this greatly affects the appearance, so , I basically don’t do this; once, some children came to the house, and when I needed to bring drinks, candies and other snacks to entertain them, I searched for a long time in the snack bags in the pantry room to get the ones I wanted. snacks. When I found these snacks, the children waited for a very long time. Their expectations for the snacks dropped. Later, they left after sitting for a short time. I felt sorry for not treating them well and felt guilty because i am took too long to find snacks, which may have left a bad impression on the children.

Because the things I bought are piled up in the pantry room every time, the pantry room is also messy. Sometimes i have to pile the new stuff on top of the old stuff, sometimes when i try to get the bottom stuff out, like those cookies, it’s all broken, there were also some things that were piled too low and couldn’t be taken, By the time they were cleaned up, they had expired, causing a lot of waste. It’s not economical, I don’t like this very much.

So, I decided to organize my pantry, transform it, and avoid pantry clutter and this very easy situation of food waste.

I learned about various pantry room storage methods from the Internet. These methods are very useful to me. One storage room storage method that impressed me very much is:
1. Where bulk food (except edible agricultural products) is stored, the name and brand name of the food, production date or production batch number, use period, etc. should be marked. It is advisable to use airtight containers for storage. Store raw materials according to food safety requirements.
2. If there are clear storage conditions and shelf life, it should be stored according to the storage conditions and shelf life. If the storage conditions and shelf life are unclear and after opening, the appropriate storage conditions and shelf life should be determined based on the food variety, processing method, packaging form, etc., and a strict recording system should be established to ensure that it is not stored or used beyond the expiration date. Food or raw materials to prevent food spoilage.
3. Freeze (store) and store purchased frozen (stored) food in a timely manner to reduce temperature changes in the food. Before freezing and storing food, it is advisable to separate the food to avoid repeated thawing and freezing during use. When freezing (storing) food, it is not advisable to pile or squeeze the food.

There is also a pantry storage method that my friend shared with me. It is very simple and easy to understand. I think it is more suitable for pantry storage:
1. No non-food items are allowed to be stored in the food warehouse.
2. Do not mix raw and cooked foods;
3. Food must not be stacked against the wall or directly on the ground;
4. Foods with different storage requirements must not be stored together;
5. First in, first out;
6. Protect against dust, corrosion, mildew, poison, fire, waterlogging, rats and insects, etc.

I think these methods are very useful to me. I think I need a shelf to organize these things. After my screening, I purchased a wire shelves that is most suitable for my pantry room. It is a 5-layer wire shelves with a length of 900mm. Width 350mm, height 1800mm,

Here are my steps for organize a pantry with wire shelves:
1. The first step is to move all the food out of the storage room
2. The second step is to distinguish the food according to its classification, use and production time.
3. The third step is to assemble my wire storage shelves. This 5 layers wire shelves is very easy to assemble, no tools are required, and the height of each layer can be adjusted according to the size of the items. It has strong load-bearing capacity and is easy to disassemble, so I think it is very useful. Economical and practical
4. The fourth step is to put the divided foods into different layers. Put the items that are easily expired in the front and the newly purchased items in the back. I put the heavier items like canned drinks at the end of the shelf. The bottom layer is because it is very convenient to take it, and the potato chips and biscuits are placed on the top layer, which makes it very easy to take it without using a lot of effort. The middle part is placed with some commonly eaten things, so as to distinguish , it will be clear at a glance when taking it, very convenient

After organizing, my pantry room has changed a lot. It has become very clean and tidy, and the space has become larger.

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