how to keep wire shelves from sagging

There are many wire shelves on the market that sag during use. A quick fix is to reinforce sagging wire frames, Place your wooden board underneath the sagging shelf. Make sure it’s the same width as the shelf.

At this time, we can check whether the wire material is firm. If it is not firm, we need to reduce the accumulation of goods. If the droop is serious, we need to remove the drooping shelving for safety. In order to prevent this situation, we should do the following reference when purchasing wire racks:
1. Choose a strong and durable steel wire rack
2. Choose a wire frame with fine workmanship
3. Choose a wire shelf with professional certification
4. Choose a professional wire shelf manufacturer

Changsheng wire shelving is made of high-quality steel, using the principle of triangular mechanical structure, the load-bearing is more guaranteed, the workmanship is excellent, the production is fully automated, and the quality is more guaranteed. We have a special testing department, and each process has been carefully tested and has a test report.

We are approved by American NSF organization, audited by Target, BSCI, Amazon and Lowes. We are also awarded by Chinese market with Famous Brands, such as Top 10 Brands in the Chinese Houseware Industry and Top 500 Chinese High Quality Brands. We have in-house test room for salty spray test ,coating corrosion test, loading test and dropping test.etc. Besides, our product has passed the quality test by CNAS,SGS,BV and TUV.  All this ensure us to obtain high reputation of stable quality and cost effective in the same trade.

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