How to Install A Simple Wardrobe Rack ?

Do the preparatory work: unboxing – take out the simple wardrobe rack accessories and put them away

  1. Screw the adjustable leveling into the bottom of each down post.
  2. Snap plastic clips into the post grooves on same proper position of each post and make sure the arrow of plastic clips are pointed up and fixed well without falling off.
  3. Screw connectors into lower post.


  4. Make sure that you have the shelf the correct way up . Hold the shelf on its side and slide the top of the four posts through the bottom of the shelf at its corners until there is a snug fit.
  5. Connected upper post into lower post by screw connectors.
  6. Snap plastic clips into the post grooves at your desired height,slide down the small square wire shelf at its corners until there is a snug fit.
  7. Install two support rails on the same height of posts at the long shelf side, screw clothes hanger rods onto support rails by screw nuts .
  8. Hang the short clothes rail onto the shelf side frame easily.
  9. Large Storage Capacity,high quality carbon steel wardrobe with thicker tube is completely assembled
  10. Set the wardrobe upside down,put on the fabric cover from the bottom of the shelf
  11. Make sure that the six holes at the bottom of the fabric cover all through the post bottom and then put the garment rack upright.
  12. When the fabric cover is wrapped around the garment rack well, Pull the zipper ,Now, the closet installation of metal wardrobe is completed .

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