How to choose the balcony flower storage rack stand?
Now many people like to play with some flowers and plants on their balcony, which not only decorates the balcony, but also cultivates the taste. How to choose a balcony flower rack stand, the following points can be referenced.

1. Choose according to the style of balcony decoration
If you want to decorate the balcony with the balcony flower rack, it must be matched with the decoration style of the balcony. Iron flower storage stand is recommended for European style, wooden flower stand is recommended for pastoral style, and root carved flower stand is recommended for Chinese style.

2. Choose according to the overall color of the furniture
The choice of the color of the flower pant storage rack is best to be consistent with the main color of the whole family furniture, or try to choose the same color as possible. Remember not to choose a fancy color, which makes the whole balcony look messy.

3. Choose according to the space layout of the balcony
The flower rack stand can be big or small, high or low. It should be selected according to the space size of the balcony and the layout. It is best to determine the position of the flower stand first, and then decide the style of the flower stand.

4. Choose according to the size of the flower pot
If you already have ready-made green plants at home and you want to find a flower rack to place, you must choose the flower rack according to the size of the flower pot. The combined flower stand is more suitable for flower pots of various specifications.

5. Choose according to the material of the flower stand
The material of the flower shelf stand is divided into iron flower stand, wooden flower shelf stand, etc. Different materials show different styles. The iron flower stand has a longer service life, is more durable, and will not mold.

6. Choose according to plant species
The style of the flower stand rack should consider the matching of flowers and plants. If it is a vine plant, you should choose a hanging or wall-mounted flower stand rack. If it is a small plant, you can choose a stepped flower plant stand, which will enhance the sense of space and look more comfortable.

7. Choose according to the installation method of the flower stand
At present, there are two installation methods: wall-mounted and floor-mounted. If you want to install it on the wall or on the balcony railing, you can choose the wall-mounted type. If you want to put it on the balcony floor, choose the floor-mounted type. , The floor-mounted one can be moved with wheels, which is convenient and beautiful.

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