How to choose a simple wardrobe rack for bedroom
1. Look at the plan–simple wardrobe rack generally have two or three layers, with left and right layouts and up and down layouts. Among them, the plan space on the first floor is small, and it is mainly used to arrange foldable clothes, probably folded quilts, and another The space on the first floor is usually large, with steel pipe rods, which can be used to hang uncomfortable and folded clothes such as outerwear and shirts. Such a plan is conducive to the reasonable arrangement of various clothes.

2. Look at the seal–the airtightness of the simple cloth wardrobe is also an important factor in weighing the quality of the wardrobe. If the airtightness of the wardrobe is not good, it is very easy to enter dust, and even in the spring, it is easy to get wet and lose the wardrobe. The protective effect is now, the high-quality simple cloth wardrobes on the market now usually use a sealed zipper plan, and there will be a compartment underneath to prevent dust from entering, and to ensure that the clothes are clean and hygienic.

3. Look at the assembly–the most obvious feature of the simple garment wardrobe rack is its simple disassembly and placement. Therefore, when choosing a simple cloth wardrobe, it is best to understand the essentials of the placement and the illustration. Generally speaking, the plan is fair. The simple cloth wardrobe can be completed with bare hands during placement, without the need for any bulky things.

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