How to Choose a Kitchen Shelf
Important points:

  1. First: Choose a shelf that is convenient and practical, such as a kitchen shelf on table, which can place spices, etc., and you can get it easily when cooking.
  2. Second: choose a space-saving shelf, because the kitchen is a relatively small place in our family, so the shelf must save space and make reasonable use of the location of our kitchen space, such as on the wall of the kitchen, the kitchen On the back of doors, in kitchen corners, etc.
  3. Third: Choose a shelf that can be clearly classified. When placing the rack, we must classify and put the kitchen utensils. There are various racks in the market, such as knife racks, storage racks for seasoning, and drain racks. (It is important to place the plate) and so on, and put them in a reasonable position according to their different categories. The drain rack can be installed next to the sink, the knife rack can be installed on the corner of the stove, and the seasoning rack is installed nearer to our cooking.

The application of shelf in family life is becoming more and more extensive, and there are more and more types of household necessities, so a rack that can rectify and place these daily necessities is needed, and the design of the rack is very simple and convenient. Generous and dexterous at the same time, so it is very useful for placing household items. The key is to help household items to be taken well without having to search very hard.

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