How to Adjusting Chrome Plated Wire Shelving Height

Our wire shelving was deeply loved by customers worldwide, because it is different from traditional shelves, it can be used in any field, including the home storage and commercial display purposes.

Our wire shelving is not only convenient installation, adjust each layer of shelf height, it also has an open design, heavy duty loading weight capacity, saving space storage, convenient to move, knock down packing, can choose the right size according to the size of the space, etc advantage.

Now let’s talk about how to adjust wire shelving height


  1. If there are heavy objects on the wire shelf, it is recommended to remove it first.
  2. Use a special rubber hammer to gently tap the edge of the cone sleeve from bottom to top to loosen the fastening between the shelf and the post.
  3. Lift the mesh up (small wire shelving only need one person to complete this step, large or big wire shelving, it is recommended that two people cooperate).
  4. Simply snap together two plastic clips onto the post grooves at your desired position of each posts .
  5. Raise the shelf and move all four sleeves to a new position for more or less height, as desired.
  6. The plastic clips can be placed higher or lower in 1-inch increments for ultimate customization.
  7. Install the wire shelf and complete the adjustment.
  8. Video presentation:

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