How Much Weight Will Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Hold

The load weight capacity of the wire shelving is very strong, using the principle of triangle mechanics structure , Each layer of shelf load 200-350kgs .

Shelf wave frame and tapered shelf corner are designed by mechanics structure, The heavier loading , the better strudy structure.

Take the sample in the video, the model is HD184872A4C, four-layer heavy-duty wire shelving :

The Shelving Made by Q195 national standard carbon steel material, passed material testing,post dia. 25mm , post thickness is 1.2mm;

Each layer of wire shelf can load 250kgs(500lbs) , The total loading weight of a 4-tier wire shelving unit is 1000kgs (2500lbs) . 

This kind of load-bearing shelf is generally suitable for commercial & industrial purposes, such as restaurants, medical, office, gardening, warehouse, factories, supermarkets, garages and other places.

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