The fifteenth day of the first month is the first full moon night in a year, so the fifteenth day of the first month is called the “Yuanxiao Festival”.

The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. The Lantern Festival mainly includes a series of traditional folk activities such as viewing lanterns, eating glutinous rice balls, guessing lantern riddles, and setting off fireworks. In addition, many local Lantern Festivals have also added traditional folk performances such as dragon lanterns, lion dances, stilt walking, dry boat rowing, Yangko twisting, and Taiping drums.

During the Lantern Festival, the whole family eats dumplings together. “Tangyuan” and “reunion” are similar in pronunciation, symbolizing reunion and harmony. On this festive season, all the staff of Changsheng Company wish all customers and friends, family reunion, happiness and well-being.

Zhongshan Changsheng Metal Products Co., Ltd. has been relocated to a new large factory. The address has been relocated from the east of Tong’an Avenue, Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City to Building A, No. 19, Jinteng Road, Sanjiao Town, Zhongshan City. The new plant covers an area of 30,000 square meters. The scale of the factory has tripled, and new fully automatic machines have been added. The production capacity can reach 250x40HQ cabinets per month.

The wire shelf of our factory are of high quality and the delivery time is accurate. Looking forward to doing business with you, our website: YouTube:


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