Zhongshan Changsheng team wishes customers and friends a happy Dragon Boat Festival

Our Factory Holiday Time : June 9th – June 10th,2024

The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the traditional Chinese folk festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, which is one of the ancient traditional festivals of the Chinese nation.

The Dragon Boat Festival in my country is quite grand, and there are various celebrations. The more common activities are the following:

1) Dragon Boat Race:
In addition to commemorating Qu Yuan, people in different places also give different meanings to dragon boat racing.

2) Eating Zongzi:
Eating Zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival is another traditional custom of the Chinese people. Zongzi, also known as “jiaoshu” and “tongzong”. It has a long history and many varieties.

3) Wearing sachets:
Children wear sachets on the Dragon Boat Festival, which is said to be meant to ward off evil and drive away plague.

4) Hanging mugwort and calamus:
During the Dragon Boat Festival, people regard inserting mugwort and calamus as one of the important contents.

These activities also reflect the fine traditions of the Chinese nation. Going up the mountain to collect herbs on the Dragon Boat Festival is a common custom of all ethnic groups in my country.

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