Five-layer chrome wire shelving that is very popular in European and American markets
The advantages of electroplated chrome wire shelving:
1. Good surface finish, bright and beautiful
2. Not easy to rust, no rust spots
3. Rugged and durable, high load-bearing capacity
4. Strong storage function, not only can be used in home storage, but also play a great role in commercial storage, such as office storage, supermarket display, medical storage, etc.

The following is the best-selling five-layer chrome wire shelving information
Model: HD184872A5C
Size: 48″x18″x72″inch
Surface treatment: Chrome plating
Bearing capacity: 350KGS/layer
The size of this hot-selling model exported to European and American markets is 48″x18″ high 72″ inch in size. Two reinforcing ribs are added to each layer of mesh, which greatly increases the load-bearing capacity of each layer. The load-bearing capacity of each layer can reach 350KG. Chrome plated The surface treatment is bright and beautiful, and it is not easy to rust. The large-capacity five-layer shelf can save you a lot of space and is a very practical storage shelf.
Our packaging can be packaged in an enhanced yellow box according to the customer’s requirements, and the customer-supplied label or color label can be printed on the carton. If the customer needs it, we can also arrange to help with the design of the label and manual. The packaging method is also through the standard drop box method, so please rest assured that the product is still intact after receiving the goods.
The advantages of our factory in terms of shelves:
1. Complete specifications, stable quality and high cost performance
2. Pass NSF, BSCI certification
3. The shelves can be customized according to your project needs
4. 21 years of shelf factory, fast delivery and strong packaging.

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