Our factory has passed the government’s epidemic prevention inspection and resumed work from February 18th,2020

Wire Shelf is our main advantage product. We welcome new and old customers to send us enquiries at any time. We can quickly provide quotations and provide free wire shelves samples.

Before the Spring Festival holiday, our export sales team received 20 wire shelving orders expect to deliver in February and 34 wire shelving orders expected to deliver in March. After the Spring Festival, due to the Corona Virus, all of our export salesmen have been working from home remotely since February 3, providing customers with quotations, product information consultation and order after-sales service. During this period, 38 customer orders were also received. Therefore, Our factory currently has a full orders with shipment plan in February and March . If you have a recent order for our main products wire shelf, we expect you to contact us as soon as possible. Our factory will re-adjust the shipping plan for all orders this week. According to the order quantity and delivery time requirements, actively organize staff arrival and production arrangements to ensure that the tasks entrusted to us by customers are fulfilled in accordance with quality, quantity and schedule.China Jiayou ! Wuhan Jiayou!Changsheng Jiayou!

Extended reading :http://wellandshelves.com/product-category/hot-product/

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